This Empty World

I happen to visit Nunnington Hall over the week and was fascinated by Layla Khoo’s installation of ‘Change in Attitudes’.There was 5,000 ceramic horns which the visitor could either take as a ‘trophy’ or leave for others to enjoy.I didn’t take one. The article below is taken from Nunnington Hall website and gives context to … More This Empty World

Something Spooky…

If you are out and about in York this week take a walk through the Museum Gardens if you dare!You will find ghosts in and around the garden. Apparently there are 10 but I only found 9! Apparently, the City of York has gained a reputation as perhaps the most haunted city in England and … More Something Spooky…


For the past few weeks, every time I pop into the garden, there appears two Robins watching my every move. They wait for me to fill up the bird bath, watching me from the apple tree, or peeking through the ivy. Last year they built a nest in the ivy and laid 4 eggs, unfortunately … More Robins

Thursday Throwback

Whether it’s watching the sunset on the beach when you’re on holiday, or just catching a vanishing glimpse of the twilight sky from your kitchen window at home, there’s something stirring about seeing that big golden ball sink below the horizon, painting the sky a million shades. The image below was taken on the Yorkshire … More Thursday Throwback

Indian Summer

Brilliant blue sky & hot Autumn sun today (Friday). How lovely to be sat basking in the garden. The term Indian summer reached England in the 19th century, during the heyday of the British Raj in India. This led to the mistaken belief that the term referred to the Indian subcontinent. In fact, the Indians in question … More Indian Summer

Golden Orange

I managed to get out for a short walk on Sunday. The weather was very windy and wet but I needed to get a bit of fresh air as I was fed up of watching TV and reels on Instagram! I didn’t get very far as my arm was aching and I still can’t have … More Golden Orange