What a mild day!

Such a beautiful end to what started as a very wet morning. It is really mild here, with temperatures set to reach 16 by Friday. That’s crazy!

The Minster looking glorious in the bit of late afternoon sun.
There’s a squirrel running around in those trees.

Thursday Throwback

Gorgeous sunsets

Whether it’s watching the sunset on the beach when you’re on holiday, or just catching a vanishing glimpse of the twilight sky from your kitchen window at home, there’s something stirring about seeing that big golden ball sink below the horizon, painting the sky a million shades.

The image below was taken on the Yorkshire Moors and was one of the most beautiful & colourful I have ever seen. I had seen the heart stone on the ground and thought it would be cool to have that in the image as well.

Copyright SJ Butler Photography

“Dawn and dusk are mutual friends of the sun;
one opens the door … to a brand new day and the other one has to shut it to embrace the darkness of night.” 

Munia Khan

Sunsets – Mother Nature doesn’t need a filter


Who loves a beautiful sunset? Yes, so do I!
Is there anything more peaceful then taking in the quiet beauty of the setting sun?

As the sun descends below the horizon, creating romantic shades of red and orange across the sky, the world has a chance to breathe in and rejuvenate.

While sunsets are a literal end to a day, they’ve also become symbols of peace, harmony, and the promise of renewal. Sunsets are a great reminder to rest and reset our hearts and minds at the end of each and every day.

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


As a photographer I love photographing clouds, they can make an ordinary image have the wow factor!

Nature is amazing and often rewards us with incredible opportunities for photographing sunrises, sunsets and sun rays piercing through the clouds, creating stunning views. I love to go out on cloudy days to be rewarded with dramatic and vivid images. Clouds make sunrises and sunsets look stunning.

As the Sun is low on the horizon at sunrise & sunset, sunlight has had to travel through more of the atmosphere to reach us.

When light hits the atmosphere it is scattered, particularly when dust, smoke &

other particles are in the air.

This scattering affects the blue part of the light spectrum the most. So by the time the sunlight reaches our eyes there is generally more of the red & yellow parts of the spectrum remaining.

Dust and smoke particles commonly build up in the atmosphere beneath high-pressure systems, which are generally associated with dry & settled weather.

Dramatic clouds at sunset, North Yorkshire. SJB Photography
Dark clouds building in the evening sky.
A rainbow of colours in this sunrise image.
This was taken on a very stormy day, I just loved the way that the clouds were billowing behind the pylon like smoke.
Wild clouds looking over the landscape from the top of Buttertubs.