Well I have chosen some images for the square crop competition but bit unsure which 4 (if any) I should enter. Here are my possibilities. About Square Crop Judges will be looking for beautiful botanical subjects perfectly suited to a square crop. Use inspiration from the other categories as a guide to the subject matter … More IGPOTY

The little changes

Well today turned out to be a sorcher…an Indian Summer…well, for a few days anyway. The morning was chilly and the cobwebs were glistening with early morning dew. As I cycled past the fields, with their hay stacked high there was a low mist as the sun tried to burn off the chill. A few … More The little changes


A quick blog tonight as I’m so tired but I had to share these few images of a Dragonfly that flew into my parent’s garden this evening. It was there having a clean for about 15 minutes.

Is it Friday yet?

Phew it’s hot a one today! I’ve been in a hot stuffy room for 6 hours today with temperatures up to 30 degrees. One thing, I may have lost some weight! It’s nearly the weekend and I am so looking forward to switching the alarm off and catching up with some sleep. I’m slowly getting … More Is it Friday yet?


Thank goodness it’s Friday and the weekend is finally here. It has rained most of this week but today & yesterday has been delightful. Very warm and lots of sunshine. I hope that it stays like this for the weekend. Heliophilia (n.) . Pronunciation: hE-lE-O-‘fil-E-a . Origin: English . Definition: Desire to stay in the sun; … More Summer

Beningbrough Hall

Over the weekend I visited the National Trust property, Beningbrough Hall. Beningbrough Hall is a large Georgian mansion near the village of Beningbrough, North Yorkshire, England, and overlooks the River Ouse. It has baroque interiors, cantilevered stairs, wood carving and central corridors which run the length of the house. Externally the house is a red-brick … More Beningbrough Hall

Feeling Mellow

Yellow Have you ever wondered what connotations of colours can mean? Well here are a few positive, negative and how the colour makes you feel. Hope you like the images at the end. Yellow symbolizes: happiness, optimism, positivity, intellect Effects of yellow: clarifies, inspires, amuses, energizes Positive traits: creativity, perception, mentality, warmth Negative traits: cowardice, … More Feeling Mellow

Poppy Season

As a nature photographer I love photographing the different seasons, colours and flowers that it brings. Now is the time that beautiful Poppies form blankets of red across the fields. The best time to photograph Poppies is either sunrise or sunset as the colours look stunning. The Golden Hour! First thing when you stumble on … More Poppy Season

Handmade Paper

Earlier this year I decided to give making my own paper a go after completing a course in the the Art of Washi Paper in Japanese Rare Books – Keio University. Where I deepened my understanding of rare books and Japanese culture Art of Washi Paperin Japanese Rare Books. This course looked at the history of papers used … More Handmade Paper

Spring 2018

Well the weather is warming up and Easter has been and gone. Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow and are looking forward to seeing a lot more sunshine. The Easter has seen me very busy in the garden and in the greenhouse planting many seeds and getting rid of dead branches and … More Spring 2018