Sunday Memories

Hope you are all having a great weekend? I’m having a lovely one and the weather is absolutely gorgeous

I’m spending most of the weekend in the garden planting plenty bulbs for this Summer; Iris and Gladioli. The seeds in the greenhouse are growing nicely and with the gorgeous weather set to continue I shall be putting them out in the garden soon.

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The Golden Hour

Golden hour photography. The golden hour (also referred to as the magic hour) in […]

Golden Orange

I managed to get out for a short walk on Sunday. The weather was […]


Sunday Memories

It is Sunday so it must be Memories time again and hope it reminds you of warmer days.
I can hear the rain battering by window and the wind blowing outside. I have fed the birds and tied down the cover of my patio furniture.

Sunflowers reaching for the sun – can’t wait to start growing these again. I may start some of in the next few days once I’ve cleaning the greenhouse out!

Beningbrough Hall is always a favourite of mine partly because I have a National Trust yearly pass which allows be to visit many places.

The meadows at ‘golden hour’ was really special too. Golden buttercups bathed in the rays of the setting sun (plus it was also lovely and hot even at sunset.)

As you probably realise I love photographing bees. Where would we be without bees? As far as important species go, they are top of the list. They are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world!

I also visited York where they had made it into a bee friendly city with tubes of flowers and flower displays all around.

Sunday Memories

It’s Sunday, so here’s a few memories from one of my favourite places, the […]


Throughout the year at the beginning of each month I will created a short […]

The Golden Hour

Name, png

Golden hour photography.

The golden hour (also referred to as the magic hour) in photography is widely seen as the best time of day to shoot. For photographers in the UK, it generally lasts around an hour or less.

Overcast and shorter winter days can limit the magic hour. However, golden hour also happens twice a day. So if you miss it in the morning, there’s always the chance of shooting during the golden hour time in the evening. I like the GH in the Winter months when the sun rises about 07:30 – 08:00 which means I don’t have to get up really early like you would have to in Summer (04:00 I think it is at the moment!)

“What will happen ten minutes from now is going to be radically different than what happened ten minutes before.” 

Tina Tryforos

Golden hour in the UK is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. This means it changes depending on the season and even location. There may be a few minutes difference for when the golden hour starts and ends across the UK.

The Golden Hour

Due to the sun’s low angle, its rays filter through a greater distance. This creates a colour temperature at the redder end of the spectrum, with longer shadows which can add an extra dimension to photos. The light is warm and soft, perfect for golden images of landscapes, nature etc. So, what are you waiting for – get out there with your camera!

“It’s hard to overexpose or underexpose parts of an image, like a subject’s face, because the light is very even and has a beautiful golden hue.” 

Jenn Byrne
sunset over Derwentwater


New additions

Hope you are having a good weekend so far? I must post this from the other day… How beautiful […]

Saturday Motivation

“Magic waited for me in the morning dew of this brand new day.” BL Bates  

Beautiful Flowers

Well this week has gone fast don’t you think? It has been such a warm & sunny week, I […]