It’s been a glorious week. Getting back into the garden is a great feeling especially when the temperature has hit 18o
With the lovely weather has brought out lots of dandelions, daffodils, bees, blossom and green leaves.

Good News! The clocks are changing tonight (March 27th UK) marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time – and Mothering Sunday. Also known simply as ‘summer time’, Daylight Savings in the UK runs from the last Sunday of March to the end of October. I am so glad and looking forward to being able to sit outside longer with a glass of the fizzy stuff!

Many will be glad to shake off winter (especially me) – although wintry weather is expected this week – as we move further along 2022.

Longer days and later sunsets are also ahead because ‘astronomical spring’ – based off the position of Earth’s orbit in relation to the sun – officially started on March 20th. The clocks will change at 1am on the 27th, jumping ahead one hour. Daylight Savings is observed on different days worldwide as America and Canada changed their clocks two weeks ago.

It’s not about “having” time.

It’s about making time.


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