Autumn cards

Remember the handmade paper I was making that was inspired by my trips to Brimham Rocks & Breezy Knees? Well it is now dry and I’ve been busy planning out the cards and painting them and the dried leaves and flowers with handmade metallic paint. Creativity takes courage Henri Matisse These are how they look … More Autumn cards

Art Gallery Visit

I visited the York Art Gallery the other day, I really enjoy my afternoon looking at the ‘Pictures of the Floating World: Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints’ and also the Aesthetica Art Prize 2021. Pictures of the Floating World “Ukiyo-e translates as “pictures of the floating world”, referring to the transitory nature of life. Visitors will see delicate … More Art Gallery Visit

Yorkshire Day

August 1st. A new month. Here in UK it’s Yorkshire Day. What are the origins of Yorkshire day? Yorkshire Day was first celebrated in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, beginning as part of a protest movement against local government reforms that came into force in 1974 The date alludes to the Battle of Minden, … More Yorkshire Day