A week in pictures

A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week. I think my favourite is the one taken at Kew Gardens in London. I have only ever been once and that was to see my highly commended image at the International Garden Photographer of the year. I would love to go back and … More A week in pictures

Dragon Boat Race

York Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge Wow – you have two blog posts today from me! Today felt like an Autumn day with dappled sun light and a cool chill to the air. The leaves on the trees that line the River Ouse, slowly starting to change colour. Dragon Boat Racing is the world’s fastest growing … More Dragon Boat Race

A bit of Urban

I don’t usually visit big cities as it’s not my idea of fun, but it was nice to visit somewhere different for a change and have a ride on the River Taxi. It was extremely busy and it’s a shame people aren’t considering others on public transport. I seemed to be the only one wearing … More A bit of Urban

Too hot…!

Well today has been such a scorcher. It’s 27° degrees at 17:00. I don’t know if I’ll get much sleep if it’s still warm tonight! Maybe I should sleep outside in a deck chair! Bad idea, the cats would be jumping around and meowing all night.

The little changes

Well today turned out to be a sorcher…an Indian Summer…well, for a few days anyway. The morning was chilly and the cobwebs were glistening with early morning dew. As I cycled past the fields, with their hay stacked high there was a low mist as the sun tried to burn off the chill. A few … More The little changes


It’s September yet again, (I know it’s already been nearly a week into it) but you can definitely tell that there is a chill on a morning (and evening) and the daddy long legs (Crane flys) are starting to appear. More so if you have two cats that chase them and leave them lying about … More September