I have been growing some mini pumpkins for my window display next week and I have managed to salvaged 3! so today I’ve done a quick photoshoot with the cats and a few images from a couple of years ago to get us it the mood for Autumn.

Autumn cards

Remember the handmade paper I was making that was inspired by my trips to Brimham Rocks & Breezy Knees? Well it is now dry and I’ve been busy planning out the cards and painting them and the dried leaves and flowers with handmade metallic paint. Creativity takes courage Henri Matisse These are how they look … More Autumn cards

June Lupins

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.“ Aliyyah Eniath As promised I’ve uploaded a few images of the gorgeous Lupins I took the other day. I was going to go to take some this evening (the Golden Hour) but the weather is so rubbish I’ve had to dig out my … More June Lupins

Spring 2018

Well the weather is warming up and Easter has been and gone. Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow and are looking forward to seeing a lot more sunshine. The Easter has seen me very busy in the garden and in the greenhouse planting many seeds and getting rid of dead branches and … More Spring 2018