Springtime at last!?

Gosh I’m sorry I’ve not posted in a while; the lighter mornings and longer afternoons are seeing me more in the garden. My daily commute takes me through some gorgeous countryside and it is a delight to see at anytime of the year but especially Springtime!

I have seen many species of birds; robins, wood pigeons, blue & longtail tits, magpies, crows, geese, swans to name just a few. I also see squirrels & rabbits sitting bathing in the morning sun; their fur creating a golden halo around their silhouette.

Many trees and flowers are now in bloom; the very beautiful magnolia, sweet violets create a purple blanket over the floor, golden daffodils that nod their heads to welcome the sunshine and Muscari with the delicate blue flowers edged in white like a tutu. Which Spring flower is your favourite?


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7 thoughts on “Springtime at last!?

  1. I can always count on a dose of delicate beauty in your posts and this is no exception – so lovely and spring-like! As to my favourites, I do have a soft spot for magnolias but any flowers are very welcome after the long winter 😍

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