New beginnings

flowers, spring, pink

I thought today I would add a bit of colour to my feed.

Not that I’m wishing my time away but the view outside at the moment is gray and miserable.

Apparently there are some snowdrops out in the village, I may go out for a walk and have a little look, see if I can see them myself.

I’ll post them later on if I go out and spot them – a sure sign that Spring is on the way!

flowers, spring, pink

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The Common Hazel is easy to identify in winter because it bears male catkins which open to release pollen at any time between late December and late April.

Cats & Photography

A bit of Daisy time-lapse Thought I would show you another time lapse of Daisies going to ‘sleep’ after a long day just growing! Did you know that Daisies went to ‘sleep?’Well watch this and you’ll see that they actually do! This took over an hour for them to slowly close their petals and ‘sleep’ […]

Sunday Sun Salutation

A bit of seed Yoga Thought I would show you a little time lapse of my sunflower slowly bending towards the sun. This took over an hour for them to slowly turn to face the sun condensed into 20 seconds! Let me know if you would like to se more nature videos or any of […]

New Lightbox Work

I have been busy in the garden for a few days now and it looks like I haven’t done a thing (although my back & arms know different). Flowers have been dead headed, the Ivy has been trimmed, hedges have been cut and lastly I have been collecting seeds for next years colourful borders. I […]


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