Monday. On the mend

Monday morning here again, another (and hopefully my last) of being off with Covid. Got the all clear with my (two) LFT this morning so fingers crossed back to work tomorrow.

I’m still full of cold, no taste or smell and chest a bit wheezy this morning but if I take it nice and slow all week there’s another weekend there waiting for me!

Deep Winter

Thought I would show one of my Winter fine art composites from last year – this was made with many layers on PhotoShop. Yes, the rabbit is (was) a real rabbit that a photographed on a hill near me, funnily enough called Bunny Hill! The top header picture is actually part of Bunny Hill!

The Christmas craft fair at No3 went great – I sold my friend sold quite a lot of cards. I don’t know what portion of stock I have left until I return to work tomorrow. So a big shout out to Nicola Harper Textiles Artist! (link to come soon).

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