Beastly virus


For the past few days I have been wiped out with the Flu. It’s not Covid as I’ve had 3 negative LFT. I’m longing to have the energy to to get out and to be back at work.

I missed out on two fairs/exhibitions that I was looking forward to at the weekend.

J cat looking after me

One thing, I’ve lost a few lbs which isn’t a bad thing! Hope you like the crackling fire!


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Christmas Fair

Getting Ready for June Showcase

Well this week looks like it’s going to be a lovely one (apart from today!) A few edits from the past 2 weeks of May, I have been super busy in the greenhouse and the garden. I’ve managed to take down a shed and to find lots of wood bees in a corner behind the […]

Sunday Sun Salutation

A bit of seed Yoga I thought I would show you a little time lapse of my sunflower slowly bending towards the sun from last year. This took over an hour for them to slowly turn to face the sun condensed into 20 seconds! Let me know if you would like to see more nature […]

January to May 2016-2021

Throughout the year at the beginning of each month I will created a short video of photographs from that month from around 2016-2021. I hope that you will enjoy watching them. If you have missed any up to May, then look no further as I have them here for you to watch!

2022 april Autumn botanical cats Christmas cumbria february Flowers memories months national trust nature Photography quotes SJ Butler Spring travels trees video Yorkshire

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