Breezy Knees

Twenty acres they are one of the largest gardens in the North of England and with over 7,000 different varieties of plants to discover, there’s always lots to see, with the extensive borders that form the heart of the gardens giving a succession of flowers all the way through from May to the end of September.

Breezy Knees is a beautiful place to visit and it must be quite a few years since my last visit. It is really worth a visit it is so beautiful.

Complementing these are a series of seasonal highlights, starting in May and June with the tranquility of the Pond and Shade Garden, special collections of irises and peonies and both the Rock and Shade Gardens, with their mass of early summer blooms.

By mid-summer the annual meadow is at its best, the Cottage Garden brimming with colour and the Rose Garden full of fragrance. Through August the main borders remain a riot of colour and finally, the special September Garden with its late season blooms and the Conifer Garden, with its majestic grasses, will be at their peak as the summer draws to a close.

Colour Vs Black & White

Remember I went to Beningbrough Hall on 01/01/22? Well here are a few of the images but I thought you might like to see them in both colour & black and white. I wrote an article last year on the differences between B&W and Monochrome which you will find here. Black and white photography has […]

When does winter start?

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Lake District Memories IX

It’s Sunday so it must be visit the Lake District day! The Lakes are steeped in history and mystery with some stunning caves, stones and more. This week the Lakes a few of the beautiful water falls – enjoy and have a great Sunday. Moss Force (top right, bottom middle & right) can be found […]

6 thoughts on “Breezy Knees

    1. Aww thank you ❤️
      Yes, up until a few years ago I’d never heard of it and I thought it was a peculiar name but it’s beautiful. Little pockets of different types of gardens all rolled into one! I love it here beautiful there’s no playpark for kids ie no screaming children. It’s on par with gardens such as Beningbrough, Newby Hall and Castle Howard Walled garden. They have introduced some sculptures this year which I will get round to edit lol 😂

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