Farewell Summer?

Hi all, well this morning feels rather Autumnal and I’m not the only blogger/nature lover to think so. There is definitely a feel; a chill; a freshness about the air this morning.

Their are cobwebs glistening in the early morning sunshine and as I walked down the garden path I could feel them in my face and hair. Anybody who saw me would think I was practicing martial arts as I was chopping at the webs!

My Nasturtiums seem to have started to die off so I’ve been collecting their seeds ready for next year. Also noting where I wouldn’t plant them next year!

Photography – Sue Butler (Camera phone)

The Cabbage White butterfly has also been busy laying eggs and them a well as they have now hatched out into little tiny caterpillars. Good job they aren’t flowering any more!

Sue Butler Photography – Small White Butterfly

My vegetable patch has not done to well this year either. No tomatoes, pumpkins, one courgette and a few potatoes. Although my green beans have done well and their is plenty in the freezer for a few meals.

Bees loving the Heleniums – Sue Butler Photography

These past few months I have not done a great deal of photography, I’ve not been really inspired. I’m hoping to go the Lake District (but nothing booked) in October as that’s my favourite time of the year for the stunning golden colours and mists…until next time.

Aira Force – Sue Butler Photography

4 thoughts on “Farewell Summer?

  1. I love the delicacy of the flowers in that first shot, and the autumn waterfall is stunning. But I do hope you’re wrong about the end of summer. Much as I love autumn I would prefer to wait a little longer for it!

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    1. Thank you, I hope so too I don’t feel like we’ve had a proper summer yet. Everytime I go out to do some gardening or tidy up it seems to rain. I did manage to get out for blackberry picking today though!

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