Whitby #2

It feels like a lifetime ago since I went to Whitby with one of my children whom I hadn’t seen for 11 months due to Covid.

It was a beautiful day and of course I took my new Lee filter on it’s first outing with me and it didn’t disappoint. I bought Lee Filter seven5 with a soft graduated filter. I love the soft gradient and how it filters out the bright light.

The weather has changed so much in a few weeks and I’m now debating to put the heating on in the house!

Hope you like these few images that I have put on. I’m looking forward to going to see an exhibition this weekend.

The exhibition is ‘Pictures of the Floating World: Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints’ that will feature prints by prominent Ukiyo-e artists such as Utagawa Hiroshige, along with works by those influenced by Japanese art, such as public favourites Albert Moore and Walter Greaves. Ukiyo-e referring to the transitory nature of life.

‘Cat on windowsill, the Festival of the Cock, Asakus ricefields’, 1857, Utagawa Hiroshige. Image courtesy of YMT
View of Mount Hatana in Kozuke Province, 1853, Utagawa Hiroshige. Image courtesy of YMT


“pictures of the floating world”