Black and white photography has unique qualities that are as strong today as they always were. Timeless, gritty, truthful and classic are all common ways of describing black-and-white photography … even after nearly 200 years since Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first black-and-white photograph, mono remains as popular as ever.

Digital Camera 2020

I’ve been looking back at some images and I thought I would share some black & white and mono with you.

Monochrome photos contain variations of only one color and nothing else. This could be different shades of blue, green, or grey, for example.

If you wanted a blue monochrome photo using only your camera, you would find a scene where the only colors in the frame are variants of blue.

Vintage sepia or cyanotype photographs are examples of monochrome photography. In these photos, the warm and cool tones were the results of specific toning chemicals used in the developing process.

Black and white photography contains variants of the color grey ranging from absolute black to absolute white. This means that all black and white photos are monochrome photos, but not the other way around.

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