New Cyanotypes Continued

Part 2

What may you ask, is a Cyanotype?

Well put simply they are images developed by the sun. If you want to know more about the process see New Cyanotypes (part 1)

On the left image I have laid out the flowers/leaves on the paper after the chemicals have dried. The middle image is out in the sunshine and the final image is after it has been rinsed and is the final Cyanotype!

More images of my Cyanotypes …

Cold weekend

Another play at Droste this evening, this time it’s the beautiful Wood Sorrell from the fields near me. It was when it was ice cold with thick fog that never cleared all day. The Droste effect describes a specific type of recursive picture in which a smaller […]

New 2022 Cyanotypes

It was such a lovely sunny day that I created by first Cyanotype of 2022. Using ivy, ferns and dried seed heads I created one fern image (which is drying at the moment) and a few (experimental) circular ones as well. Using my camera I created a […]

Colour Vs Black & White

Remember I went to Beningbrough Hall on 01/01/22? Well here are a few of the images but I thought you might like to see them in both colour & black and white. I wrote an article last year on the differences between B&W and Monochrome which you […]

7 thoughts on “New Cyanotypes Continued

  1. That looks beautiful πŸ‘ Iβ€˜m currently experimenting with cyanotype on fabric and plan to do a post soo. Itβ€˜s an exciting technique 😊


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